July 29, 2021

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Testimonial from AGLP Scholarship Saran Song of Cambodia

Mr. SONG Saran, AGLP Scholars at CKGSB

CEO and Chairman of Amru Rice (Cambodia) Co., Ltd

President of the Cambodian Rice Federation


I am very excited to join the AGLP in CKGSB as the AGLP Scholar. It is an amazing program that gives me clear insights and understanding on how to position ASEAN countries as potential business partners with China. Since the ASEAN economies are expected to be the 4th largest economy in the world in the next decades, there is potential to transform this as inclusive growth for the least developing country, especially for Cambodia. I know how I can do more to bridge the gap by transacting more business with China. I learned new innovations, particularly on the new retail business model in China and the trend of the world that demands more traceability, products that are culturally diversified and on food safety. I upgraded my knowledge on needed innovations that will address the uncertainty and impact of the trade war between two largest economies of the USA and China.

The AGPL program in CKGSB is not only a classroom session – it gave me the great chance to get insights and views of the top CEOs of global multinational companies in China, such as the Alibaba Group and ANT Financials. The practical leaning re-sharpened my current business model to fit the fast moving changes in the business landscape. The program contributed to determine my leadership style; it is an alternative example being adopted in the socialist- democratic and capitalist countries where large companies takes the lead. I was impressed with the tactics of the state-owned enterprises and private enterprises on doing business in China and USA.  The AGLP program gave me the best opportunity of learning about the Top 10 US tech companies and Top 10 Chinese consumer and financial companies, as well as European companies. What I learned will guide my next moves on transforming my company to connect with the large companies.

After joining the program, I am more confident in leading my own company Amru Rice to rise to the next level and bring positive impact to the economy and society. My learning would lead to concepts for new inclusive business model toward aligned with the UN-SDGs. It strengthened my personal commitment to share prosperity, to bring a great opportunity and to lead a big win for the Cambodian people and the community. It helps me to uphold the principles of a sustainable, ethical and responsible business, in terms of innovation and technology. We need to keep moving and tracking change, as “…we always overestimate the changes occurring in the next two years, but underestimate the changes occurring in the next ten years.” (Bill Gates).


Last but not the least, the AGLP program brought together many elements from new global trends that can be replicated so as to transform both public and private companies in ASEAN to successfully integrate and catch up with business opportunities in China, USA, and Europe. I believe I can do more businesses directly with the Chinese market, as it is now becoming the largest market and economy in the world in the next decades. I would recommend senior officials and executives from both the private and public sectors to attend this top-notch program as an important investment to update their knowledge and gain new insights in managing the challenges of improving their organizations and businesses.