July 29, 2021

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LSE AGLP 2019 Post Press Release

1st ASEAN Global Leadership Programme (AGLP) at LSE 

A week of high-level debate, discussion and reflection with LSE Custom Programmes on leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation for senior representatives from the region


For the first time, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) hosted the ASEAN Global Leadership Programme (AGLP) on its campus in central London. The 35 senior participants from the ASEAN region spent a week exploring, debating and discussing contemporary strategic management issues, global and regional challenges for their businesses, the digital economy and entrepreneurship, international political economy as well as leadership and the future of work. The ground-breaking LSE programme was designed and delivered by LSE Custom Programmes in collaboration with SRW&Co. and led academically by the Programme Directors Professor Michael Cox, Director of LSE IDEAS, Europe’s top university-affiliated think tank, and Professor Saul Estrin of LSE´s Department of Management, No. 1 ranked Management Department in the United Kingdom.


´It has been a privilege to forge such a strong relationship with the regional leaders through the AGLP and SRW&Co., and to see the terrific global teamwork over previous months come to fruition with outcomes that exceeded even our own high expectations. We were delighted to see, for example, that at the end of the programme this high-level group had already decided to continue to remain in close contact, apply the knowledge and experience of the LSE AGLP for both their own business worlds and in turn for the betterment of society through prosperity and growth – one of the founding principles of LSE.  The learning journey across disciplines from LSE faculty and additional input from panels of senior practitioners was an excellent construct that paid major dividends for the participants in a way that the LSE and SRW&.Co. are both very proud.  We look forward to remaining in touch and future LSE engagement in the ASEAN region.´ emphasised Adam Austerfield, Head of Global Markets at LSE Custom Programmes.


Professor Michael Cox, LSE AGLP Co-Director, said ´Being able to put ASEAN business dynamics and developments in a global context as well as identifying jointly with SRW&Co. the high expectations of the senior group of participants were the challenges that we were looking forward to face throughout the design phase of LSE’s first AGLP. Through a collaborative approach, our joint efforts led to a first-rate and highly-customised programme delivery that substantially met the programme learning objectives and the intended learning outcomes of LSE, SRW&Co. and those of the senior group of the programme participants who we were privileged to host in London’.


´We spent a hugely productive and informative time on the design of LSE´s first AGLP, incorporating insights from SRW&Co. and striving to address the challenges of the ASEAN region through the application of LSE´s world-class research and teaching. The senior group of highly experienced programme participants were exceptionally responsive and engaging, and as such got the most out of this highly-customised programme. We look forward to following up with the group, and indeed with the ASEAN region in general where we recognise that LSE´s approach to education and knowledge fits with a growing demand for high-calibre, global and comparative views on the major challenges facing business today´ concluded Professor Saul Estrin, LSE AGLP Co-Director.


Dame Minouche Shafik, LSE Director, added ´We are delighted to host the first AGLP and it was my great pleasure to welcome Daniel Wong and Jolanda Sadrach of SRW&Co. with the programme participants to our central London campus. LSE prides itself in world-class research and teaching that has real impact and builds the intellectual and strategic problem-solving abilities that make a difference in the world. I am pleased that LSE Custom Programmes and SRW&Co. alongside the outstanding academic leadership of Professors Cox and Estrin have been able to extend LSE’s world-class expertise to the ASEAN region and to its senior representatives, and trust that many more occasions to collaborate will come in the future both at LSE and in the region.’


Daniel Wong, Chairman and Partner of SRW&Co. stated, furthermore, ‘The first edition of our AGLP at LSE was a resounding success, based on the very positive feedback from the participants and in our own assessment against other AGLP editions we had conducted since 2009. The LSE AGLP edition sets the benchmark of a world class leadership development programme (in terms of quality and standard) for our future editions. We look forward to continuing the good partnership we had forged with LSE in designing and delivering more custom programmes for the clients in the ASEAN region.’