January 24, 2021

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Unleashing Women Economic Power and Human Capital Development

Education, global competencies, women, and affirmative action are at the forefront of ASEAN’s  developmental agenda. The ASEAN Business and Investment Summit has dedicated a forum focusing on key areas in governance and business which leverage on the brilliance of women and other minorities.

The 50th year of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations sends the message of prosperity for all. The region’s leaders are pushing for inclusivity and connectivity by enabling all sectors to participate in various discussions and engagements towards achieving development goals.

The latest Projected Gender Impact of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) published by the ASEAN Secretariat, suggests that trade and non-trade policies and programmes should avoid bias toward a particular sex or social gender in order to reap the full benefits of trade expansion and economic integration.

It found that while the supply of women is the workforce is relatively stable, it is consistently lower than men due to a combination of social, cultural and institutional factors. Despite increase in women employment, other employment outcomes remain problematic such as wages, types of jobs and the sectors where women are currently employed.

With the expansion in regional trade and economic integration, women in AEC will feel the impact of opening up of trade opportunities. But it will be felt in varying degrees. Unfortunately, as the report stated, such drastic changes often exacerbate existing inequalities in the absence of counteractive measures and barriers.

How does the role of women strengthen AEC? How can the public and private sector ensure inclusivity for  women in its processes and decision-making? What can the region’s leaders commit for the development opportunities for women?

The forum offers inspiration and support to the significance of women’s economic power and the development of human capital in the global setting.

The ASEAN Business and Investment Summit 2017 will gather prominent women leaders who will impart their knowledge and experience to shed light on the necessary measures addressing ASEAN’s gender gap, particularly in labor and entrepreneurial opportunities towards female economic empowerment.

ABIS  2017 is  the biggest and most prestigious business event in ASEAN  set to be a three-day conference presented by the ASEAN Business Advisory Council which will bring attention to the business, investment opportunities, global issues, and key strategic directions that impact on business opportunities for ASEAN member nations today.

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