January 24, 2021

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How to get the most of your ABIS experience

One of the biggest business events this year is just around the corner. Gathering a number of top level executives from diverse sectors, distinguished thought leaders, entrepreneurs, enablers and champions from the private and public sector, the ASEAN Business and Investments Summit is expected to be an eventful three days sparked with rich dialogues and investment opportunities among the ASEAN Economic Community. Here’s how to get the most out of your ABIS experience:

Know your goals
As you prepare yourself to attend this year’s ABIS, it is important to remember why you chose to attend in the first place. Is it your goal to engage in conversations and build your network? Do you aim to assimilate as much information from the summit sessions? Setting your goals beforehand can help you get around and meet people and get the most out of it.

Arrive early

Get to the venue as early as possible to avoid any hassle. This will also allow you to engage in early conversations with small groups before the event.

Use the app
Maximize your ABIS 2017 experience by downloading and using the app for the event. This handy technology will help you get around and know important information regarding the sessions.

Take notes
While it’s important to listen and immerse your mind in the rich discussions, the profuse amount of information may be too much for you to remember. Taking notes is a good way to recall the noteworthy parts of the discussions post event, whether it’s on a good old notepad or on your gadgets.

The three-day event is a perfect opportunity to build your network. Being one of the biggest business events to be staged this year, ABIS will be graced by renowned leaders and business tycoons, gathering guests from the different sectors of business and the government. Bring a number of business cards to pass around, but note that it is also important to limit it only to the ones you really aim to get in touch afterwards.

ABIS  2017 is  the biggest and most prestigious business event in ASEAN  set to be a three-day conference presented by the ASEAN Business Advisory Council which will bring attention to the business, investment opportunities, global issues, and key strategic directions that impact on business opportunities for ASEAN member nations today.

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