January 24, 2021

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ASEAN & China Launched the 2017 Exchange Project on Clean Energy

The 2017 Exchange Project of China-ASEAN Clean Energy Capacity Building Programme kicked off in Hangzhou on 9 October 2017. The event is guided by National Energy Administration (NEA) of People’s Republic of China, co-organised by ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE), China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute (CREEI), and POWERCHINA HUADONG Engineering Corporation Limited (POWERCHINA HUADONG). Policymakers and experts from ASEAN Member States (AMS) and China also joined the event. Ms. Pan Huimin, Division Director of International Affair Department of NEA, China; Mr. Liu Mingyang, Division Director of New Energy Department of NEA, China; Dr. Sanjayan Velautham, Executive Director of ACE; and Mr. Gu Hongbin, Deputy Director General of CREEI participated the event and delivered the opening speeches.

Opening by ACE Executive Director. Credit: CREEI

More than 60 government officials and experts from the AMS and China energy sector attended the event of the 2017 Exchange Project with the theme “Technology and Development of Pumped Storage Power Station”. They will carry out extensive and in-depth discussion focusing on the development, construction, key technologies, environmental protection issues of pumped storage power stations and share the experience and prospect of clean energy development.

Ms. Pan Huimin, Division Director of NEA of China, said in her opening speech that the energy sector of the world today was undergoing profound changes. Renewable energy has thus become a focus in global energy development and energy transition and decarbonisation has become the common mission of the international community. She pointed out that the joint launching of China-ASEAN Clean Energy Capacity Building Programme by China and AMS will greatly contribute to clean energy and sustainable development and benefit the economic development and people’s welfare in the region.

Participants from AMS & China. credit: CREEI

Dr. Sanjayan Velautham, Executive Director of ACE, expressed that AMS has strong enthusiasm to achieve the programme’s target; 100 policy and technical experts within 10 years. The 2017 Exchange Project of China-ASEAN Clean Energy Capacity Building Programme will lay a solid foundation for the future cooperation in clean energy policies and development planning and project exchange, establishing a long-term mechanism for strategic cooperation with the principles of resources sharing, mutual trust and exchange, mutually beneficial cooperation, and joint development.  The cooperation will also leverage the strengths of both China and AMS in the energy sector.  (BS.  Featured photo credit:  CREEI)

Source: http://www.aseanenergy.org/articles/asean-china-launched-the-2017-exchange-project-on-clean-energy/