January 19, 2021

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Winners Circle: A Look into Previous ABA Awardees from Each ASEAN State

Since 2007, the ASEAN Business Awards has already honoured and celebrated a diverse set of 174 outstanding businesses across the region. Every year, the awards only get bigger and grander as prosperity and awareness is beginning to grow in the region. Awardees span across different fields and represent unique and strong companies that are propelling the ASEAN economy. This year, the Philippines serves as the host of the of the ASEAN Business Awards 10th year and has introduced a new category — the Inclusive Business Award. The anticipation continues to grow for the announcement of the newest batch of ABA awardees on September 6, 2017, at the Okada Hotel in Manila. As the wait ensues, let’s look back at previous winners who have made their homeland proud by exhibiting exemplary business leadership and ingenuity:

1) Anusia Ramsamy
Women Entrepreneur Award (2016) — MALAYSIA

Anusia Ramsamy is the Sales and Marketing Director of VG Offshore Containers International, the largest manufacturer of container units in Malaysia and amongst the largest in the world. A 2nd generation leader of the family business, Ms. Ramsamy joined the family business initially set-up by her father in 2006. On her first year in the business, she was able to lead the company sales to increase by an astounding 41%. To date, her leadership has grown the company’s revenue by 600% and their customer base by sevenfold.

Ms. Ramsamy’s exemplary leadership at VG Offshore Containers International has exponentially transformed the company from a medium-sized family enterprise to an internationally recognized one. The outstanding manufacturing company is poised for greater growth in the near future with Ms. Ramsamy at the helm.

2) Sunlight Foods Corporation
ASEAN SME Business Excellence Award in Employment (2016) — PHILIPPINES

Crispin R. Muyrong, the Co-founder and Vice President of Sunlight Foods Corp., received the prestigious award last year on behalf of his company Sunlight Foods Corp. Mr. Muyrong and his wife founded the food processing outfit in 2000, after years of extensive experience in the food production management and production facility structure design industry. They’ve worked for the likes of Philippine industry food giants such as Universal Robina Corp, RFM, and San Miguel Corporation.

Today, Sunlight Foods Corp. as a tropical fruits processor company — with their mainline of business being processing of fruit preserves — has effectively established itself as the leading supplier for the ice cream, bread, and fast food industries. What is more impressive is that Sunlight has been able to create quality products at lower prices than their competition by doing business sustainably and inclusively. They source their raw materials directly from farmers, provide trainings for all their stakeholders (employees and partner farmers), and have adopted Unilever’s Sustainable Agriculture Code standards amongst several other initiatives.

3) Adventure Myanmar Tours & Incentives
AEC Priority Integration Sector Award in Tourism (2016) — MYANMAR