Business Forum on Bridging ASEAN-Netherlands and EU with Trade and Investment Opportunities in ASEAN

From left to right: Florence Armein, Anangga Roosdiono, Bagas Adhadhirga, Glenn Pardede, Donna Goeltom, Noke Kiroyan, Dr. Lili Yan Ing.

Jakarta, 24 November 2016. The ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) was involved in the Business Forum: “Seizing Trade & Investment Opportunities in ASEAN,” which was held in the Fairmont Hotel Jakarta, on Wednesday, 23 November 2016. Mr. Anangga Roosdiono, Chairman of ASEAN-BAC Indonesia served as one of the panelists of the forum.

The forum was organized by the Habibie Center in collaboration with Indonesia Services Dialogue Council (ISD), Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI), and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The forum were opened by Dr. Ilham Akbar Habibie, Chairman of the Institute for Democracy through Science and Technology who delivered the opening remarks, and Mr. Tim Condon, ING Chief Economist Asia with the keynote speech. The panelist came from a variety of backgrounds such as with Mr. Anangga Roosdiono, Dr. Lili Yan Ing, Senior Advisor on Trade and Investment of the President’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Bagas Adhadhirga, Head of Foreign Affairs and Tourism, The Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association, Mr. Glenn Pardede, Managing Director of PT East West Seed Indonesia, Ms. Donna Goeltom, Director of ASEAN Cooperation of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, and Mr. Noke Kiroyan, Board of Founders of Indonesia Services Dialogue Council.

Part of the objectives of the forum is to familiarize economic actors from within and beyond ASEAN, from the Netherlands or more broadly the European Union (EU), about business opportunities and constraints deriving from the full implementation of the AEC, as well as to provide a networking platform for businesses from ASEAN and the Netherlands, and EU. Additionally it aims to contribute to the potential expansion of trade and investment within and beyond ASEAN, as well as between ASEAN and the Netherlands and EU. In general, the forum seeks to help enlighten the business community from the Netherlands and EU about potential market and investment opportunities in ASEAN.

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