Coordination Meeting Between ASEAN-BAC and Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Left (top to bottom): Mr. Thomas Hartono, Ms. Nancy Martasuta, Mr. Hans Lukiman
Middle (left to right): Mr. Anangga Roosdiono, Mr. Subronto Laras
Right (top to bottom): Mr. Sri Martono, Mr. Ahmad Andaro, Mr. Iwan D. Hanafi, Ms. Dian Suralaga, Mr. Sayid Irwan


Jakarta, 18 November 2016. The ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) Indonesia and Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) met on 18 November 2016 in Jakarta for a coordination meeting. Mr. Subronto Laras, the new head of the KADIN ASEAN Committee and well as a Council Member of ASEAN-BAC Indonesia, hosted the meeting in an effort to strengthen the ties between the two entities and to bring a new focus on the developments of the ASEAN Economic Community.

ASEAN-BAC Indonesia invited the Indonesia Young Entreprenerus Association (HIPMI) and bilateral KADIN committees between Indonesia and ASEAN Member States. Among the participants in attendance were Mr. Anangga Roosdiono, Chairman of ASEAN-BAC Indonesia, Mr. Sri Martono, ASEAN-BAC Indonesia, Mr. Thomas Hartono, KADIN Philippines Committee, Mr.Iwan D. Hanafi, KADIN Brunei Darussalam Committee, Mr. Sayid Irwan, KADIN ASEAN Committee, Mr. Hans Lukiman, Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI), Ms. Nancy Martasuta, ACCI ASEAN Committee, Ms. Dian Suralaga, ACCI ASEAN Committee, Ahmad Andaro, ASEAN-BAC Secretariat, and Heikal Suhartono, ASEAN-BAC Secretariat.

During the meeting, ASEAN-BAC Indonesia, Co-Chaired by Mr. Subronto Laras and Mr. Anangga Roosdiono, informed KADIN on its recent activities and current focuses among others the four priority sectors: agri-food, healthcare, logistics, and retail. Mr. Anangga Roosdiono also informed the meeting on the Philippines Legacy Project 2017, the maritime connectivity with the RO-RO ships, which focuses greatly on Philippines-Indonesia shipping. The meeting discussed on the advantages of such a project and the possibilities it can provide. Continuing after the meeting, during the working dinner, the members of the meeting discussed on the economic growth in Indonesia. Mr. Subronto Laras hopes that this meeting will set up for an enhanced cooperation for Indonesia between ASEAN-BAC Indonesia, KADIN, and HIPMI.

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