2006 Press Release ASEAN BIS

One Caring and Sharing Community: Bringing ASEAN Business to the World
7-10 December 2006, Waterfront Hotel, Cebu City, Philippines


The ASEAN Business and Investment Summit – a unique opportunity for regional and global networking

The Philippines assumes the chairmanship of ASEAN for one year starting in August 2006. As part of its responsibilities, the country will host the annual ASEAN summit series

including the ASEAN Leaders Summit, the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit and the Summit with the ASEAN DialoguePartners1.  This year, these meetings will be held in Cebu.

This is an opportunity that occurs only once every 10 years in each ASEAN member country. It therefore provides an important occasion to showcase the best of the Philippines and to put the country on the map as a pre-eminent tourist destination and conference centre for Southeast Asia. For the past three years, in Bali, in Vientiane and in Kuala Lumpur last year, the ASEAN Business

Advisory Council (ASEAN BAC) has organized the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit as an integral part of the annual leaders’ summit series and with the aim of encouraging the participation of the business sector into the process of building the ASEAN economic community.

ASEAN BAC, and the local hosts, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, have engaged the Philippine Business Leaders Forum as conference organizers to deliver a world-class Business and Investment Summit and to make the Cebu meeting a truly global event focused on the opportunities within the ASEAN region, and especially the Philippines.

The meeting in Kuala Lumpur attracted more than 500 participants from around the region. The highlight of that meeting was the final day “business meets government” dialogue session with the ASEAN heads of government/state as well as those of the ASEAN dialogue partners. A similar dialogue with government leaders will be a feature of this year’s meeting.For Cebu, the organizers are adding a new dimension by making this a truly global conference.

Furthermore, by making use of modern communication media, a four-day face-to-face meeting is being transformed into an opportunity for ongoing interaction among delegates through virtual conferencing.


Bringing ASEAN Business to the world


For Cebu, the ASEAN Business Advisory Council has adopted as the specific business theme “Bringing ASEAN business to the world”. As a major thrust to extend the dialogue process, 200 seats are being reserved for international delegates— those from outside the ASEAN region but who have an interest in doing business or investing within Southeast Asia. This is additional to the regional participation from ASEAN and the dialogue partners.

An innovative programme is being developed that introduces global as well as regional issues to themeeting and with sufficient flexibility at this time that the organizers are able to accommodate speakers who may wish to address the plenary meeting and/or host workshops or seminars on subjects of special interest to delegates.

Furthermore by offering virtual conference facilities through the conference website, the time available for interaction and building networks is greatly extended.

Among the innovations introduced this year for the benefit of delegates is included:

  • Opportunity for registrants to submit discussion or briefing papers on topics of interest for circulation to other members ahead of the meeting;
  • An online forum for discussion of issues and ideas ahead of the meeting (and afterwards for follow-up);
  • An online business matching service ahead of the face-to-face business matching to be offered at the meeting itself sothat registrants may make preliminary contact with potential business partners or service providers ahead of the meeting;
  • Full online registration and payment service with the assistance of the YES Group of companies.


A conference website has been developed already. This can be found at http://www.aseanbis2006.com. The organizers invite you to explore the site and to register for this event.


Sponsorship opportunities

In order to keep conference registration fees manageable and thereby encourage the widest possible participation by delegates from emerging markets, especially those within Southeast Asia, the conference is being funded largely through sponsorships. The organizers are seeking to identify key companies that may wish to plays leading role in the dialogue process by supporting ASEAN BIS through sponsorship of the event.

Sponsors will be given the highest profile at the meeting consistent with programme integrity and the main sponsors will also be given the opportunity to hold seminars as well asspace at the associated conference exhibition. Sponsorship will also ensure exposure not only to conference attendees but to the more than 2,000 business and government delegates from Asia Pacific that will be in Cebu during the meeting series. Furthermore, because the dialogues established will be ongoing, sponsorship will retain value and visibility long after delegates have departed from Cebu. Such visibility will not just be within the Philippines but will extend to Southeast Asia, other parts of Asia Pacific and globally.

The organizers can also arrange post-conference seminars in Manila (or elsewhere) for those who would like this opportunity2. Video recording of plenary keynote presentations will also be undertaken.

Provisional programme information aswell as details of available sponsorship packages are available and the organizers are happy to discuss specific requests and needs.


For further information please contact

Dr. Michael Clancy

Philippine Business Leaders Forum

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cellular: +63 920 914 4392


1 The dialogue partners include: China, Korea, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Russia

2 Additional charges may apply

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ASEAN Business and Investment Summit (ASEAN-BIS)

The ASEAN BIS is an annual summit that brings together private and public sector organizations, government representatives and captains of industry from within and outside ASEAN for dialogue and networking.

ASEAN BAC collaborates with ASLI to organize this annual summit aimed to increase ASEAN’s attractiveness and competitiveness.