About APPS

As part of their report at the 9th ASEAN SUMMIT in Bali, the ASEAN BAC proposed an ASEAN Pioneer Project Scheme (APPS). The APPS proposal was in recognition of ASEAN Leader vision to transform the region into ASEAN Economic Community - a common market and a single production base. An economically integrated ASEAN will make the region more competitive.

While ASEAN may lack many indigenous companies that are competitive at regional and global levels, ASEAN does not lack entrepreneurs. With the APPS as a catalyst, the ASEAN Governments can help strengthen ASEAN's business environment, and grow a large base of vibrant indigenous ASEAN companies, large and small. The best of these companies will flourish and grow into ASEAN MNCs, promoting "Made in ASEAN" brands of products and services. The network of such indigenous companies will help integrated the ASEAN economies.

To ensure that these pioneer project receive high-level attention, focal points appointed by the Leaders are given the mandate to work with other ASEAN countries.

Scope of the APPS

The APPS would be a "Green Lane" system to expedite approvals for ASEAN indigenous companies in establish businesses in the ASEAN region, which may not be facilitated through the normal regulatory procedures.